Youth Ministries Kickoff!

This is the most exciting time of the year in the church. it’s like when we used to go to school in the fall.  We’ve been out getting pencils and folders and notebooks filled with empty lines and potential.  This year I’m gonna get straight A’s or I’m gonna tell her I like her this year or It’s my first year of High School or it’s my LAST year of High School!  and every parent heaves a sigh of relief and hopes the kids get through the year safely, successfully, and without incident.

But mostly it’s just raw hope that we feel at this time of the year.

So you can probably tell this is one of my favorite times of the year. We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. The temperatures have finally dropped out of the “beastly hot” range. The smell of the harvest wafting in our open windows brings back memories and the fall colors are just about ready to remind us of God’s greatness.

In youth, we’ve got a boatload of stuff planned for the fall.  Just in the couple of weeks of September, we have:

  • Sept. 10th – Rally Sunday
  • Sept. 13th – Family Night!
  • Sept. 24th – Trip to Rader Farms after church

Then for October,my favorite month:

  • Oct. 4th – Family Night
  • Oct. 11th – Food Pantry goods due
  • Oct. 22nd – Mission Fest (nothing going on with Youth, but it’s cool)
  • Oct. 25th – Turkey & Roll Sales start! (Gobble! Gobble!)
  • Oct. 29th – All-Church Weenie Roast in the Parking Lot

Keep your eyes on this space for future updates!